Natural Resources, Construction and Environment

Our lawyers have extensive experience in environmental law, building and planning law and in relation to the requirements for the use of natural resources. We have a close working relationship with experts who are involved in developing environmental objectives on European and international levels.

Our main areas of practice in this field are the European emissions trading system (ETS) and the international emissions trading law, emission control requirements and emission control permits, environmental contamination and remediation of contaminated areas, building law (construction permits, requirements under building law), planning law (urban development plans/zoning plans), recycling law, waste management law, packaging law as well as excavation law and mining law. Our lawyers have participated, for example, in the following matters:

  • Advising an industrial company on emissions trading under the European emissions trading system
  • Advising an investor on accepting obligations and responsibilities under the emissions trading system in connection with the acquisition of a company
  • Advising developing countries in international negotiations which aimed at reaching a post-Kyoto agreement and on general aspects of international emissions trading law
  • Advising an energy producer on environmental permits and required precaution measures in a group of companies
  • Advising an operator of a gas transmission grid on compliance with planning law, emission control law and emissions trading law
  • Advising a waste management company on requirements under packaging law (German Packaging Ordinance), waste management law and recycling law (German Recycling Act)
  • Advising a strategic investor on waste management issues in connection with the acquisition of a participation in a waste management company
  • Complaint with the European Commission with regard to waste law requirements introduced in Germany
  • Advising a paper mill on the operation and the divesture of landfills
  • Advising an investor on liability for soil and groundwater contamination and on remediation requirements
  • Advising a real estate development company on the relevance of the Seveso II-directive for urban development planning and for construction permits
  • Advising an investor on questions of urban development contracts in relation to retail areas
  • Advising an investment fund on building and planning law requirements in connection with the acquisition of several properties
  • Advising an investor on public law aspects regarding the construction and operation of several shopping centers
  • Advising a medium-sized company on the impact of air protection plans for its production site
  • Advising a municipality on the issuance of permits under water law for geothermal power stations
  • Advising a municipality on questions of cooperation with other municipalities for providing services of general public interest
  • Advising a municipality on the planned divesture of environmentally protected areas by the Federal Republic of Germany to a private investor
  • Advising an industrial company on the impact of the BAT under the industrial emissions directive for existing plants
  • Advising an association on licensing a green building scheme to assess environmental performance of buildings